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Patient Advocate

As part of our commitment to our patients, we offer the services of a patient advocate for help working through the difficult situations that arise from time to time. If you ever have a problem with a service, or have billing or referral questions, the patient advocate is here to help.

From initial contact though continuing mediation, our patient advocate works with patients and staff to help everyone involved reach a mutual understanding and resolution.

Patient Advocates

For your service area, the Patient Advocates can be reached by calling 888.242.1555. The Clinic Staff/Manager/Providers may also call Christopher Taylor directly at 916.379.2926.

    • For a formal Patient Complaint or concerns, please send to the DHMF Patient Advocates mailbox at: [email protected] or fax the patient complaint or concerns to 916.858.7053

    • For formal Health Plan Grievances, the DHMF QM specialist will be engaged and communicate with our Clinic Staff/Manager/Providers for additional information as needed. You can send an email to the DHMF Quality Department mailbox at: [email protected] or by fax to 916.858.7053