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Director of Academic Affairs and Designated Institutional Official

Greetings and warmest welcome to Dignity Health – St. Joseph’s Medical Center – Stockton, CA Department of Graduate Medical Education. The 2018-19 academic year presents exciting opportunities to join in St. Joseph’s – Stockton newest endeavor in Graduate Medical Education.

Our recent and brand new ACGME Institutional Accreditation begins the development of a robust and fulfilling graduate medical education program in the heart of the Sacramento Delta of northern California. July 2018 brought our first class of residents in our two accredited programs (Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine). These programs and the entire development of GME at St. Joseph’s – Stockton is in keeping with our deeply held mission to serve the heath care needs of our community and the greater Stockton area. The development of highly regarded residency training, medical student programs, scholarly work and research further fulfills the goal to provide outstanding health care and education in our beautiful city and wider delta region. St. Joseph’s is in the midst of many improvements on multiple fronts— including but not limited to, a new fully integrated, enterprise wide electronic medical record system, expansion of clinical services, physical plant improvements, a new partnership with Kaiser Permanente, a rigorous academic affiliation with Touro University, California, and of course this most exciting new GME program.

While our medical center in Stockton, CA is relatively new to physician training, Dignity Health has a long tradition of medical education and has several residency programs throughout the system. We at St. Joseph’s seek to expand upon that history of successful training programs. In support of these new residency programs, we have committed to a lofty goal of developing multiple residency and fellowship programs, multiple university and teaching hospital affiliations, deep ties to our underserved patient population via the local Community Medical Center Channel, and doing this all with our eye on serving our community with the utmost in humankindness.

As the newly appointed Director of Academic Affairs and Designated Institutional Official, I am thrilled to be a part of St. Joseph's Medical Center Department of Academic Affairs. I truly believe that our current and future faculty, physicians, administrative staff, and clinical department leadership are fully dedicated and engaged in providing the very best in your education and training. We are committed to this inspiring reach for excellence in training to match our long history of excellence in clinical care, community involvement, and innovation.

Our embracing of diversity, inclusion, and humankindness are ideals that are essential cornerstones of Dignity Health’s and St. Joseph’s success. Our belief in these ideals extends to our residents, faculty, physicians, staff, patients and community. In this St. Joseph’s - Stockton represents the very highest ideals of diversity and acceptance in all we do. We extend this to you and look forward to your joining us in our commitment to affordable health care, dignity, respectfulness of each person’s inherent value, collaboration, and shared goals. All of these now committed to the education and training of your mind, body, and soul.

I wish to warmly welcome each one of you to our electronic home—and we all look forward to meeting and working with every one of you to fulfill your goals.


Warmest Regards,


Kenneth Scott Whitlow, DO, FAAEM

Director of Academic Affairs and Designated Institutional Official

Dignity Health - St. Joseph’s Medical Center – Stockton, CA