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There are countless ways to show video on a web page like this. You can have a link to watch it natively (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo). You can have a button or a graphic.You can also embed (and there are options within this category, too).  All of the video examples on this page are also cell phone friendly. Of course, you can have whatever opening screen display (it doesn't even have to be a shot from the video). 

Standard Link

Video - Dr. Luis Castro

Interactive Button

Video - Dr. Luis Castro

This is a Graphic - Links to Video

Dr. Luis Castro and Play Button

Embedded Video - Small Size (can be any size and put next to each other)


Embedded Video - Standard Size

Embedded Video - Fills size of Area it is in



Embedded Video - FROM VIMEO (vs. YouTube above). This one autoplays and loops.

Watch this Video

Video description can go here...

Watch this video from VIMEO

Video description can go here...

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