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Family and Internal Medicine Doctors in Stockton

Meet our family and internal medicine doctors in Stockton. Call us at (209) 540-5765.

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Annapoorna Muthyapu, MD

My philosophy of care is to treat the patient as a whole not just a medical condition.  It is to provide continuous medical care that can be preventative or curative to reach a common goal of overall wellbeing to not just one individual, but the community we serve as a whole.

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Anita Heart, MD

Medicine is not just about treating a symptom for the short term, it is about a patient's overall health.  I strive to support my patient's long term health and wellness goals so they feel their best in all stages of life.

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Anureet Gill, MD

I practice evidence-based medicine and I treat all my patients with the respect and dignity they deserve.


Thao Nguyen, DO

I believe in having my patients be involved in their healthcare. 


Mai Le, MD (Internal Medicine)

I am dedicated to providing my patients with personalized attention and care. I believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptom.

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