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STEMI Designation

When a heart attack happens, seconds matter. Marian Regional Medical Center has been designated as a STEMI Receiving Center by the Santa Barbara County Emergency Medical Services Agency, certifying our cardiac team is ready around the clock to diagnose and treat ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) heart attacks, the most serious kind of heart attack. 

Acute Heart Attack And Immediate Care

A STEMI heart attack is caused by sudden, total blockage of a coronary artery and it can be deadly. The chance for damage to the heart muscle increases with every minute treatment is delayed. 

STEMI designation means Marian Regional Medical Center:

  • Consistently meets or exceeds the standard for door-to-balloon treatment time established by the American College of Cardiology for optimal outcomes
  • Maintains an advanced communication system to notify needed personnel while a patient is in transport to the hospital so there is no delay in life-saving treatment