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Quality Emergency Organ Transplants on the Central Coast

If you have a condition that causes an organ, such as a heart or liver, to suddenly fail, you may have an immediate need for an organ transplantation. An organ transplant involves very specific steps that include a matching process.

At Dignity Health Central Coast hospitals, we can provide the emergency services you need with personal care. If you require an emergency transplant on the Central Coast of California, our team of emergency care experts will be with you every step of the way. Call 911 or seek immediate help if you experience life-threatening symptoms.


Organ Transplants & Emergency Liver Transplant at Dignity Health Central Coast

You may need transplantation of an organ, such as an emergency liver transplant, an emergency heart transplant, or an emergency kidney transplant, for conditions that can include the following:

  • Acute liver failure, often the result of a drug overdose or poisoning
  • Critical pulmonary hypertension, which can lead to advanced heart failure
  • Critical advanced heart failure, which may involve symptoms that are severely worsening, even if you are following recommended medication therapy

An evaluation at a transplant center is required to receive a new organ. An evaluation will place you in line to receive an organ in an urgent situation. Once your evaluation has taken place, you will be placed on the national organ donor waiting list.

When an organ becomes available, a computer program makes calculations to determine the best candidate. Matching considerations include:

  • Medical urgency
  • Geographic area
  • Matching tissue compatibility
  • Waiting time

If you have an urgent medical condition, you may move up on this national list.


What to Expect Following an Emergency Organ Transplant

It can take several months to recover following any organ transplant surgery. Your Dignity Health Central Coast doctor will talk to you about risks and what is best for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

If you need emergency organ transplantation, it may still mean that days will pass before your procedure actually takes place. Following your life-saving transplant, your team of compassionate Dignity Health Central Coast doctors will spend time with you to discuss changes needed to your everyday routines, which may include:

  • Managing anti-rejection medicines, including their side effects
  • Preventing infections and illnesses
  • Following a health care plan for the rest of your life that includes biopsies and various tests
  • Stop smoking
  • Watching carefully for signs of organ rejection

If you are a woman wanting to start a family, and you had an emergency transplant, you will want to discuss family planning, which is also available at Dignity Health Central Coast.

Contact us to find a Dignity Health Central Coast expert who will guide you through recovery, including providing ways to support your emotional health, following an emergency organ transplant.

Your Dignity Health doctor will partner with you on every aspect of an emergency organ transplant on the Central Coast of California