Humankindness Heals

At Dignity Health, we believe humanity and kindness are at the heart of healing. Powerful alone, but better together. They inspire what we do for patients and what we do for each other. Hello humankindness.

Humankindness heals. Mind, body, and spirit.

You hold the power to heal. To have a real impact on health of the people around you. We all do. Which is why modern medicine is ripe for a change in perspective.

Because each of us is human. Our body, mind, and spirit is one and the same. So if our mind is calmer because we feel we are being taken care of by those around us, our body responds. Stress levels go down and we can heal faster.

This is the true power of humankindness. It's the effect we can have on one another when we reach out and help ease each other's pain. These beliefs are at the very core of our mission, and have been for over 100 years. Which is why we aim for nothing less than to inspire change in health care that leads to more empathy, listening, and respect. Alongside the latest in technology and medical breakthroughs, we can champion the healer in all of us. Not simply because it's nice, but because it's good for us.

And because it works. For all the negativity, disease, and toxicity in our lives, we have a very real and very powerful tool against it. We call it humankindness. And we believe it has the power to change not just health care, but the world in which we live.

Join us. For we are all caregivers at heart.

We all Hold the Power to Heal

Read how Lloyd H. Dean’s life journey has given him unique insight into what ails our communities and how we can all lead with understanding and kindness. Learn how we can treat fear with compassion and, no matter what, find common ground.

Healing Our Communities

CEO Lloyd H. Dean is asking all of us to join him, by listening to one another, celebrate our differences, and embrace our shared humanity to heal each other and our communities.

Healing Begins with Humanity

Cultures around the world all have unique ways to heal, and being a leader in health care means understanding and respecting these differences. Watch as Frank from St. John’s Hospital demonstrates to his peers how to express humankindness toward patients from all backgrounds.

New Clothes, New Beginnings

Giving to others fosters stronger connections and can help you understand another person's perspective. Tajh and Miguel from Glendale Memorial share what they learned from giving their clothes to patients in the mental health ward.

Kids Challenging Preconceptions

"We have preconceptions in our minds...but he reminded me a simple kindness goes a long way." Anna Enriquez at Woodland Healthcare has learned a lot from her son Garrick, age 19, who shared lunch with a homeless man on a ride to school.