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Take Back Your Morning

What if tomorrow morning, you used your real alarm clock and kept your smartphone in another room for a change? You might wake up and check-in with your own intentions instead of the latest social trends. Cuddle a pet, embrace the possibility of a new day, or simply hold a loved one's hand before jumping into the fray. These moments hold the power to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Yet, we tend to distract ourselves with digital diversions, often at the expense of truly connecting with those we care about the most. When two people exchange smiles, endorphins fill our senses, lower our stress, deepen our relationships, and better connect us to those we love.

A device-free minute can make a difference

It only takes a few device-free minutes to make a real difference in your life and those around you. You might make a new friend, lift someone's spirits, or learn something new. And these small steps can put you on the path to better health.

Let's Spend Less Time On Our Devices

Less screen time can lead to better academic performance, healthier weight, and better work-life balance. So let's put down our devices and spend more time together.

Because less screen time can save face.

When you spend concerted time on your phone or tablet, bad things can happen. But establishing a healthy habit of time off from your phone can be beneficial, and may also help you save face.

Human interaction can promote trust and well-being.

While too much time on our phones can take away from quality interactions from the loved one's around us, human connection can build trust and promote feelings of well-being. So let's put down our devices and spend more time together.