St. Rose Stanford Clinics Add Cardiovascular Thoracic

St. Rose Dominican Hospitals and Stanford Hospital & Clinics announce the expansion of the St. Rose-Stanford Clinics to include a cardiovascular and thoracic surgery program.

This new clinic aims to advance the science of cardiovascular surgery in the Las Vegas Valley. The goal of this joint program with Stanford is to improve quality outcomes for cardiovascular surgery using evidence-based models that reduce patient risk. For patients, these measures can mean decreasing the rate of post-surgical complications and increasing patient survival rates for complex heart surgeries.

The program will also bring leading-edge technology to heart surgery in Las Vegas, including new types of hybrid cardiac/cardiovascular surgery procedures. These new techniques include minimally invasive and robotically-assisted cardiovascular surgeries, as well as heart-valve insertions using catheters versus opening the chest wall. The benefits of these types of procedures include a decreased need for blood transfusions, shorter hospital stays, reduced risk of infection, less post-operative pain, and a faster return to normal routines.

Based in Palo Alto, California, Stanford is a leading pioneer in heart medicine. Stanford’s many innovations in heart surgery and cardiac care include completion of the first adult human-heart transplant in the United States, the world’s first successful combined adult human heart-lung transplant, and the first successful use of a ventricular device as a bridge to transplantation.

Stanford clinical faculty members affiliated with the St. Rose-Stanford cardiovascular and thoracic surgery clinic are cardiothoracic surgeon and Medical Director, J.W. Randolph Bolton, M.D., Ph.D., and cardiovascular surgeon, Robert G. Wiencek, Jr., M.D. Dr. Bolton works with St. Rose, its medical staff and his Stanford colleagues to implement new protocols and expand the range of cardiovascular services provided at St. Rose Dominican Hospitals, with specific focus on the use of minimally invasive techniques to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Wiencek is a longtime local cardiovascular surgeon and now also a Stanford faculty member. A recent Best Doctors survey by Seven magazine and Consumers’ Checkbook noted Dr. Wiencek was named most often by his physician peers as the best local cardio/thoracic surgeon as well as the best vascular surgeon in the Las Vegas Valley.

“Many of the procedures Dr. Wiencek and I are introducing at St. Rose will truly benefit people who need heart surgery and their families,” said Dr. Bolton. “For example, we and our physician colleagues are implementing surgical procedures that do not require the use of a heart-lung machine, which means there is far less trauma to the patient’s body and therefore a faster recovery. No other hospital program in the Las Vegas Valley will offer this depth or level of cardiovascular surgical expertise. St. Rose is truly advancing minimally invasive valve replacements and bypass surgeries.”

Over the past two years, St. Rose Dominican Hospitals has developed the technological infrastructure to allow all local physicians to achieve greater advances in cardiovascular care. In 2012, it opened the first hybrid cardiology-cardiac surgery operating suite in the Las Vegas Valley at its Siena Campus. An emerging trend among top national cardiac facilities, the hybrid operating room allows physicians to convert a minimally invasive cardiac procedure into an open surgical procedure if medically necessary, improving efficiency and enhancing patient safety. That same year, the hybrid operating room was the site of one of the earliest Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedures in Nevada. TAVR is for patients with severe symptomatic aortic stenosis who are determined ineligible for traditional open-heart aortic-valve replacement surgery. This summer, St. Rose expects to announce another hybrid OR cardiac procedural “first,” as well as open a new cardiac catheterization lab at its Rose de Lima campus and introduce the region’s first comprehensive Heart Valve Clinic.

In addition to helping advance clinical expertise, Dr. Bolton will focus on enhancing post-operative patient care processes at all three St. Rose hospitals, using Stanford protocols and recommendations. For example, the sooner a patient’s breathing tube is removed post-operatively, the less likely the patient will contract ventilator-acquired pneumonia and the less pain he or she will experience. All of these measures and efforts will focus on improving quality outcomes for heart patients in Las Vegas, including decreasing post-surgical complications and increasing patient survival rates for complex heart surgeries through the use of evidence-based models.

“The expansion of the St. Rose-Stanford Clinics further enhances our investment to continuously improve the caliber of health care in the Las Vegas Valley and across the West as technology advances,” said Rod Davis, president and CEO of St. Rose Dominican Hospitals and senior vice president of operations, Dignity Health Nevada. “I am most pleased that this affiliation has the potential to allow heart patients to return home sooner and feeling better, as well as introduce new techniques that formerly required local residents to leave Nevada for care.”

The new cardiovascular surgery clinic joins the St. Rose-Stanford Neurosurgery Clinic introduced in 2011 and a liver transplant pre-and-post op clinic added in 2012. The St. Rose-Stanford Clinics are Stanford’s first such programs outside California.

The St. Rose-Stanford Clinics are located at 2865 Siena Heights Dr., Suite 131, in Henderson, across from the St. Rose Dominican Hospitals-Siena Campus. To consult with a cardiovascular surgeon at the St. Rose-Stanford Clinics, ask your physician for a referral or call (702) 616-6580.



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Thursday, July 11, 2013

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