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Empowered birth experience

Care for low to moderate-risk pregnancies

Having a baby is a moment you'll cherish for the rest of your life. Begin your journey in a setting that's focused on you. San Martin Hospital is a Level I facility by the Maternal Levels of Care Verification program through The Joint Commission, which means we specialize in low to moderate-risk pregnancies for babies with a gestational period of 35 weeks or more. 

At San Martin Hospital, we empower you to deliver your baby in the way that is most comfortable to you, whether you want to deliver in an unconventional position, walk, or sit during labor---and we won’t rush you to have your baby.

Private Mother/Baby Suites

Our highly trained and caring staff will work with you on your timeline and be there with you every step of the way through your birth experience.

From the moment you check in to the moment you depart, all of your exceptional care happens in one spacious, private suite. 

At San Martín, moms don’t switch rooms — you will be in the same suite your entire experience. In fact, we are the only hospital in the Las Vegas Valley that operates on this LDRP model. That means you labor, deliver, recover, and complete postpartum care in the same suite. Here, you’ll do more bonding and less moving.

Our birthing suites are large, designed to give Mom plenty of room to move around during labor, with fully adjustable birthing beds, private bathrooms with showers, and with pull-out beds for significant others to spend the night. We also support rooming-in, allowing Mom and baby to get to know each other during this special time.

At San Martin, we offer the following amenities:

  • Spacious, private suite for labor, delivery, recover and postpartum care
  • In-room care for your newborn
  • Around-the-clock, board-certified laborists
  • Lactation support team of Lactation Consultants and Counselors
  • Wireless fetal monitors that allow you the freedom to move around during labor (not available with epidural)
  • Visiting privileges for all family members
  • Baby Bistro for drinks and snacks
  • Celebratory dinner for the proud parents
  • Baby portraits by Bella Baby Photography available upon request
  • Alarm system for added security
  • Birth lullaby played in the hospital after childbirth
  • Optional Birth Announcement on our digital billboards

Mother & Baby Health Care Team

  • Laborists

    Our board-certified laborists are on site 24/7. These are board-certified obstetricians who are here to help you in case your doctor is delayed. Our laborists can do anything your doctor can do, up to and including delivering your baby. While these doctors do not replace your OB/GYN, laborists are board-certified obstetricians who are available around the clock in our birth center.

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  • Labor and Delivery Nurses

    Staffed 24/7 with highly-trained and certified maternal child nurses. A NICU nurse is on staff 24/7, in the event a newborn requires specialized care.

  • Neonatologists

    Neonatologists are pediatricians trained in neonatology to care for newborn babies who require specialized care.









  • Obstetrical surgeons

    Obstetrical surgeons perform surgeries related to labor and delivery such as a Cesarean section (C-section). 









  • Obstetrical anesthesiologists

    Obsterical anesthesiologists specialize in pain relief for labor and delivery such as administering an epidural.

  • Lactation consultants, counselors and educators

    We provide in-hospital support through our lactation consultants, counselors and educators.  Our lactation consultants know that breastfeeding is a complex process. They can help you solve any breastfeeding problems you have and give you confidence in your ability to breastfeed at home.

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Pain Relief Options

Our team understands that everyone has different preferences for their labor and delivery, so we offer moms plenty of options when it’s time to bring their little one into the world. Whatever pain relief or delivery option you choose, our specialists will be there to help you recover after your delivery.

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San Martin Birth Center Tours

Our team is excited to offer tours to expecting mothers and their families. Get a first-hand look at our spacious, private suites and ask any questions you may have. Together, we can help you figure out if we’re the right fit.

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San Martin Virtual Tour

Don't have time for an in-person tour? Find out about the amenities at our San Martin Birth Centers by watching the video below. We're always happy to answer questions!

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Neonatal Intensive Care

In the event of a premature birth or critically ill baby, Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican offers a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Siena Campus. For infants born in our San Martin Campus needing specialized care, we can coordinate physician assisted transfers to the NICU in our Siena Campus, where a team of specialists is available 24/7. We also have transfer protocols in place with nearby hospitals that operate NICUs, in the event it is necessary. 

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The San Martin Difference

Our staff is here to help. Most are parents themselves, so no question should go unasked. Let us know whatever we can do to make your experience the best it can be.

Birth Plans encouraged

Birth plans are welcomed and encouraged so every member of our team understands your preferences for your birth experience. This includes pain management choices as well as your labor support team. Birth plans need to be shared and approved by your OB/GYN. 

A birth plan template can be found here: 

Download Birth Plan


Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome doulas. If you plan to have one, we ask that you note this on your birth plan and to discuss it with your physician so they are aware. Doulas are often present during labor and delivery providing continuous support and studies have shown they can improve birth outcomes. Restrictions do apply during a cesarean section, but generally doulas are welcome during that procedure as well.

Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas,” is a non-opioid pain relief option commonly used during delivery. Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and breathed through a mask or mouthpiece while you’re in labor.

Although we believe that breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby, we do also offer formula options. Breastfeeding may not work for everyone and it can be very stressful for a new Mom. We recommend having a conversation with your pediatrician about feeding preferences. Baby formula is certainly available upon request.

Yes, VBACs are welcome and we encourage you to talk with your physician to see if you are a candidate for this procedure. We have a board certified OB/GYN physician on site at all times as part of our laborist program who will be able to monitor your labor progress and can deliver your baby if needed as well.

Insurance plans change periodically.  Visit the Insurance Plans page to view the plans currently accepted at St. Rose Dominican hospitals. Participation should be validated by contacting your insurance company.

Before you go home from the hospital, a member of the St. Rose staff will provide you with a form to complete to file your baby's record of birth the State of Nevada and for their Social Security number.

Birth certificates may be requested online by visiting, by mail or dropped off in an office. Please note that the Southern Nevada Health District charges a fee to purchase the first Birth Certificate and for each additional copy.

Contact Information

Southern Nevada Health District

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Care for low to moderate-risk pregnancies in Las Vegas, NV

Dignity Health – St. Rose Dominican San Martin Campus

San Martin Hospital is a Level I facility by the Maternal Levels of Care Verification program through The Joint Commission, which means we specialize in low to moderate-risk pregnancies for babies with a gestational period of 35 weeks or more.

Online Pre-Registration

To begin the online pre-registration process, you will need:

  1. All personal contact information (patient, responsible party, and emergency contacts)
  2. All current Insurance Cards (including Medicare or Medicaid)
  3. Date of scheduled visit, date of procedure or expected delivery date of your baby
  4. Type of procedure
  5. Ordering Physician's First and Last Names