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my baby. by Dignity Health

my baby. by Dignity Health is a mobile app that helps moms-to-be along the pregnancy journey, so you can feel prepared, guided, and excited about every milestone.

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Take the right steps toward a healthy pregnancy. We understand how valuable good advice is during this exciting time - rest assured that my baby. will help you through every symptom, sign, and step along the way.

You can use this app for nearly all of your pregnancy needs, including:

  • Look up symptoms and learn about health issues in pregnancy
  • Track your weight
  • Keep a list of things to talk about with your doctor
  • Set reminders
  • View ultrasound videos that show what babies look like at each stage of pregnancy
  • Get daily updates with important tips and inspirational quotes


my baby. will help you understand symptoms or issues that arise throughout your pregnancy, giving you real-time health advice and a customized action plan.

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The app is easy to use: simply enter your due date and birth date, and the app will do all of the work!

Additional features include:

  • Week by week updates
  • Due date calendar
  • Weight calculator
  • Pregnancy milestones
  • Daily tips and affirmations
  • Look up symptoms and issues
  • Personalized healthy pregnancy actions
  • Baby Boost relaxation tool
  • Baby Kick Counter

We couldn't be more excited to join you on this journey and wish you all the best!