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Newborn screenings at Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican

Immediately after your baby is born, your delivery team performs newborn screenings (typically three tests) to assess your baby’s health during the first day of life.

To learn more about newborn screenings in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV, call (702) 616-4900 or find an obstetrician online. You can also register to take a tour of our Birth Centers.


Why Newborn Screenings are Beneficial

Once you’ve delivered your baby, doctors or nurses will perform several screening tests. These help determine if your baby has any potentially serious health problems right after birth. If a condition or abnormality is discovered, your health care team can treat the issue right away, reducing or even preventing future health problems.


What to Expect With Newborn Screenings in Las Vegas, NV

If you have your baby at a Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican hospital, our labor and delivery providers will perform certain screening tests, either within the first day of life, or before you leave the hospital to go home. If you deliver your baby at home, it is recommended that you have these screenings at a hospital or other medical facility within the first few days after giving birth.

These screenings include a blood test (to evaluate whether or not your baby needs additional tests), a hearing test (to check for hearing loss), and a critical congenital heart defects (CCHD) test (to identify any potential heart problems).

Newborn screening tests are completely safe and pose no risks to your baby, aside from brief discomfort when the provider pricks your baby’s skin during the blood test.

Your baby won’t need any additional tests if the screening results are negative. For out-of-normal range results, your baby may need the test again to rule out a false positive. Your doctor may recommend additional tests to confirm a diagnosis and provide a personalized plan for treatment.

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican offers complete care for newborn babies, including all recommended newborn screenings in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV.