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Recover Comfortably with Home Health Services in Las Vegas, NV

Home health services provide care to patients in their homes. A doctor may recommend home health services after you leave a hospital, rehabilitation center, or long-term care facility. This allows you to be at home instead of in a health care facility or hospice (end-of-life) care center. Some reasons you may need home health services include:

  • Inability to manage daily living tasks on your own 
  • Medication management and monitoring of blood glucose levels or blood pressure
  • Recovery after surgery
  • Recovery from a serious illness such as a stroke, a heart attack, or an infection that still needs treatment

As part of our Rehabilitation Institute, Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican provides patients with home health services in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. Talk to your neurologist or neurosurgeon or call 702.616.4900 to see if home health services are right for you. Look to our team to deliver personal care for a wide range of neurological conditions or recovery from a neurosurgery or procedure.

Our trusted health care providers on a home health services team may include:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses (RN or LVN)
  • Nursing assistants
  • Personal care support providers
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists


What Health Care at Home Offers

The type of home health services varies according to need.

Nurses may visit regularly or only as needed. They may:

  • Assess and monitor pain and symptoms related to an illness or injury
  • Change dressings
  • Perform ostomy care and catheter care
  • Prepare medications and give injections or intravenous (IV) medications

Nursing assistants or personal care providers may visit more often than nurses. Some of their tasks could include:

  • Assistance with bathing, toileting, and personal care
  • Giving medications under the nurse’s supervision
  • Positioning
  • Mobilizing (helping transfer or support while walking)
  • Preparing meals

Therapists, such as physical and occupational therapists, may come into the home for initial assessment and then as needed. They may assist with:

  • Assessing the need for adaptive devices
  • Helping patients and family members learn mobilization and transfer techniques
  • Making recommendations to make the home safe and accessible


What to Expect from Home Health Services from Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican

For private insurance or Medicare to cover some or all of the cost of home health services, your doctor at Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican must provide a prescription outlining your needs. Once you make a request for home health services, a coordinator — often a nurse — will visit you to evaluate your needs, taking into account issues such as:

  • Your current ability
  • The type of services you need 
  • How often the services are needed

Your need for home health services may change over time. You may need more care or you may need less, or none at all. The coordinator will reassess your plan on a regular basis to ensure you receive the care that you require and a smooth healing process.

Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican offers home health services in the Greater Las Vegas and Henderson area as part of our neurorehabilitation and neurological care.