Want to know if your health is at risk?

    Whether it’s back issues or joint ailments, breast or lung cancer, colorectal cancer, heart disease or PAD, stroke risk, or diabetes, Dignity Health North State offers simple risk assessments to help you manage your health.

Health Risk Assessments 

To assess your risk for developing certain issues or ailments, click on any of the Health Risk Assessments below.

Back & Neck Assessment

Find our your risk of developing back and neck issues.

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Breast Cancer Assessment

Are you at risk of developing breast cancer?

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Colorectal Cancer

Discover the risks of developing colorectal cancer.

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Learn the risks of developing diabetes.

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Heart Health

What are your risks of developing heart disease?

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Knee & Hip

Do you have knee and hip pain that might lead to joint replacement?

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Lung Cancer

What are the risks of developing lung cancer?

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Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

What is Peripheral Artery Disease and are you at risk of developing it?

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Find out if you're at risk for having a stroke.

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