Home - Family Practice Residency [Photo Above: Mercy Residency Program Faculty Precepting a Resident]

Dr. Bland
    Duane D. Bland, MD
Program Director
MD, University of Washington School of Medicine
BS, University of Washington

Dr. Namihas
    Steven Namihas, MD
Associate Director
Medical Director of Mercy Family Health Center
MD, UC Irvine University
BS, Loma Linda

Dr. Coe
    John Coe, MD
Director of Inpatient Family Practice
MD, UC San Francisco
BS, UC Davis

Dr. Evans
    Clinton Evans, DO
Part-time Faculty
DO, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine
BS, California Polytechnic State University

Dr. Perry
    Nena L. Perry, MD
Director of Geriatrics and Internal Medicine
MD, University of Alabama School of Medicine
BA, Duke University
Dr. Rubanowitz
    Daniel Rubanowitz, PhD
Director of Behavioral Sciences
PhD, University of North Dakota

Dr. Woroniecki
    Christine Woroniecki, MA
Behavioral Science Coordinator
MA, Bowling Green State University
BS, University of North Dakota

Dr. Joo
    Sharon Joo, DO, M.P.H.
Pediatric Hospitalist
DO, Western University of Osteopathic Medicine
MPH, Loma Linda University

Dr. Foo
    Bill Foo, MD
Pediatric Hospitalist
MD, Tufts University
BS, Tufts University

Dr. Holt
    David Holt, MD
Part-time Faculty
MD, Loma Linda University
BS, Westmont College