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Three Simple Rules to Eating

Eating healthy is good for you in the short term and in the long term. Not only can it help prevent illness and promote a long life, it can also make you feel better and improve your quality of life right now. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which foods are actually healthy. Here are some simple guidelines from your Choose Health team of physicians and providers. 

Avoid processed sweets

You probably already know that cake, candy, cookies, junk food, and sugar-sweetened beverages (like juice, soda, and energy drinks) are bad news. Recent studies show that, even though using artificial sweeteners can reduce sugar consumption, they’re almost as bad for you.

Read the label

The nutritional information on a package can tell you a lot. If a product has more than five ingredients, it’s probably highly processed. Especially if the ingredients are chemicals you have a hard time pronouncing. Choose real food. Mostly plants. Think high-fiber fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.

Boost your metabolism 

Recent research shows evening "grazers" may be suppressing their metabolism. Stopping intake of food, snacks and beverages (aside from water) after 8 p.m. will help you keep the weight off.  

Get more tips and learn more about our Choose Health program by visiting the main Choose Health page, or speaking to your Mercy Medical Group physician.