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Postnatal Care

As part of Mercy Medical Group’s comprehensive obstetrics care program, we offer postnatal care services for both women and their new babies. Postnatal care is recommended for the first six to eight weeks following birth to look out for any health issues and ensure the baby’s overall health.

Postnatal care is beneficial to the mother, too, as it helps to recognize any signs of postpartum depression, postpartum back pain and postpartum anxiety, so treatment can commence.

Postnatal services can be done by the same Mercy Medical Group OB/GYN who helped you through your pregnancy and delivery, so you have an anxiety-free experience.

Ensure your new baby’s health and yours; visit us for postnatal care today.

If you’re suffering from postpartum depression, postpartum back pain or need postpartum anxiety treatment, please contact us at (888) 314-3627.


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