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Cameron Park
3427 Robin Lane, #100
Cameron Park, CA  95762


Dignity Health

Elaine Barrios, MD, FAAP

Care Philosophy: One of the most important functions in my role as a pediatrician is to be an advocate for children and the families that support them. I applaud the many parents who provider emotional, physical, and other forms of support which ultimately results in the success of their children.

El Dorado Hills – Golden Foothill
4987 Golden Foothill Pkwy
El Dorado Hills, CA  95762


Dr. Brant Dyer

Brant Dyer, MD, FAAP

Care Philosophy: I believe in a family-centered approach to care. I strive to empower parents and patients with knowledge so they can be partners in their health.

Dignity Health

Maria Raslear-Hendrickson, MD, FAAP

Care Philosophy: My mission is to practice medicine with integrity, compassion, and dedication in order to benefit the overall well-being of the patients I serve in both my local community and around the world.

Elk Grove – Wymark
8220 Wymark Drive
Elk Grove, CA  95757


Dignity Health

Sheila Asare-Bediako, MD

Care Philosophy: One of the joys of pediatric care is that it offers an opportunity for continuity of care and the unique experience of caring for patients through infancy into young adulthood. It is a privilege to work with children and their families daily. I believe in creating health partnerships and like collaboration with both my patients and their parents. I provide care in a friendly, positive, and supportive environment, in addition to treating each patient within the context of their social environment.

Dignity Health

Andrew Katz, MD 

Care Philosophy: I enjoy providing care to children with special healthcare needs. My goal as a pediatrician is to maximize the opportunity that every child has to be happy, healthy and successful.

Dignity Health

Rebecca Lee, MD

Care Philosophy: I want to advocate for children and provide quality healthcare by collaborating with families to help children be safe, happy and healthy.
Dignity Health

Nkechi Nzerem-Johnson, MD

Care Philosophy: I treat every patient and family I encounter with the concern and respect I would want to receive. I try to treat each encounter as unique and I recognize that not every patient care situation is the same. I welcome questions, and feel that education families about disease processes, as well as normal development, is an essential part of pediatric care.

1561 Creekside Drive, Suite 150
Folsom, CA 95630


Dignity Health

Marvi Montano-Ip, MD

Care Philosophy: I believe prevention is key. Also being honest and open to both parents and patients is the key to having a good doctor-patient relationship.

Laura Gunther-Maher, NP

Care Philosophy: I believe parents and caregivers should have a say when it comes to the care of their children. I also believe it is my responsibility to present all scientific-based facts and options to them to make the best decision for their family.

3000 Q Street
Sacramento, CA  95816


Dignity Health

Tetyana Kovalenko, MD

Care Philosophy: I try to involve family as a valuable team member to provide the best care for my patients.

Dignity Health

Maria-Claude David, MD

Care Philosophy: I thrive to provide thorough, sound pediatric medical care and advice to my patients and families in a respectful, honest and most ethical way.

4400 Duckhorn Dr., #100
Sacramento, CA 95834


Dr. Sean Nealon

Sean Nealon, MD

Care Philosophy: I feel you can never go wrong if you truly listen to parents' and patients' concerns.

Dignity Health

Meuy Johnson, CRNP

Care Philosophy: I look forward to partnering with families through all the stages of a child's journey – providing guidance, advocacy and support for every milestone.

Citrus Heights
7115 Greenback Lane
Citrus Heights, CA  95621


Dignity Health

Gregrey S. Cohen, MD

Care Philosophy: I love what I do; spending time with children and families. Helping them stay happy and healthy.

Dr. Erika Escobedo

Erika Escobedo, MD

Care Philosophy: I feel that to most effectively treat children, you must treat the whole patient. This means attending to both their physical and psychosocial needs. I prioritize developing a compassionate and trusting relationship with my patients and their families.

Dignity Health

Kimberly Hart, DO

Care Philosophy: I believe that all children should have a medical home where they receive quality care and education. I also have a special interest in preventative health.

Dignity Health

Michelle Kelly, MD

Care Philosophy: It is important for parents to be informed about their children s medical care and to be engaged in the healing process. I want to help children grow and develop while also caring for their medical challenges along the way.

Dignity Health

Danton Kono, MD

Care Philosophy: I am continuing a family tradition of social service and helping people.

Dignity Health

Jill Walsh, MD

Care Philosophy: I think that the personal touch is important in medicine. I devote time to educating patients and families about health and the process of disease. I believe it is crucial for parents to be well- informed about their child's medical care.