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Postpartum Depression (Adults)

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Postpartum depression is a kind of depression that some women get after having a baby. "Postpartum" is another word for the period of time shortly after a woman gives birth. Most women with postpartum depression start having symptoms within a month after giving birth. But it can be up to 12 months before a woman starts having symptoms. Depression can make you feel sad, down, hopeless, or cranky most of the day, almost every day. Another common sign of depression is no longer enjoying or caring about things you used to like to do. Women who have a history of depression are more likely to get postpartum depression than women who have never been depressed. In addition to reviewing these materials, you should talk to your doctor about whether counseling (also sometimes called psychotherapy) and/or a medication evaluation might be helpful.

Counseling Services

  • To access individual or family counseling using your health insurance benefits, call the “mental health benefits” number on your insurance card for referral to providers who accept your insurance. You can also access the website for your behavioral health insurance carrier to search for providers in your area and with the specialties you require.
  • If you are covered by Medi-Cal and you live in Sacramento County, contact the Mental Health Access Team at (916) 875-1055 to access counseling or psychiatry services. The after-hours number is (888) 881-4881.
  • Visit Sacramento County Mental Health Services

Waiting it Out…Coping While Your Medication Starts to Work 

  • This is a Mercy Medical Group publication containing tips and advice for patients who have recently started medication for a mental health condition and are waiting to experience therapeutic effects.
  • View a copy of this publication

Postpartum Support International

Postpartum Progress

  • Blog designed to raise awareness, fight stigma and provide peer support and programming to women with maternal mental illness. The world’s most widely-read blog dedicated to maternal mental illness, with more than 2 million pageviews annually.  
  • Offers in-depth information, support and hope.
  • Visit Postpartum Progress

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