Meet Our Team

Meet the Woodland Davis Primary Care Team

632 W Gibson.

Family Medicine:
Dignity Health Nia Behnam, DO
Dignity Health

Gerardo Bonilla, MD

Care Philosophy: I believe in taking care of my patients as if they are my family. My patients and I work together to create a healthy, active and well balanced life for the whole family.

Dignity Health

Nhien Le, DO

Care Philosophy: Fully committed to bringing good health to each and every patient through effective disease treatment and prevention.

Dignity Health

Antonio Meraz, MD

Care Philosophy: To provide service with compassion.

Dignity Health

Mary Monroe-Rodman, MD*

Care Philosophy: My position with Woodland Healthcare allows me to focus on providing family-cen¬tered healthcare for people of all ages.

Dignity Health

Anne Neumann, DO

Care Philosophy: I provide comprehensive primary care to families using a personalized approach, promoting a healthy lifestyle as the first step in preventing and treating disease, and creating a partnership between myself and my patients.

Internal Medicine:
Dignity Health Alex Chin

Alexander Chen, MD

Care Philosophy: I believe in providing quality, compassionate care. I strongly believe in preventative health and holistic wellness.

Dignity Health

Teresa Sandoval-Phillips, MD

Care Philosophy: I am committed to working together with my patients and tailoring care specific to the individual to improve their understanding and management of health. I believe strongly in establishing trust, continuity of care, education on prevention, and the most practical and effective ways to manage conditions.

Dignity Health

Liana Turkot, MD

Care Philosophy: I focus my efforts on the patient’s wellbeing, in addition to patient education.

Dignity Health

Jeffrey Yee, MD

Care Philosophy: I work predominantly with older patients and enjoy helping them and their families. For many of them, issues relating to chronic illness and disability create the need for adaptations, and I enjoy helping them work through the process. Our medical system is undergoing major changes. At times, this has been anxiety producing both for physicians and patients. In reality, these changes give us a tremendous opportunity for improve¬ments. I look forward to participating in these changes.

Dignity Health

Eduardo Zapata, DO*

Care Philosophy: I try to focus my efforts on understand¬ing and meeting the needs of patients with a variety of chronic illnesses, including diabetes and hypertension. Furthermore, I value the chance to help Spanish speaking patients better care for and understand their ailments.

East Woodland
2081 Bronze Star Dr.

Family Medicine:
Dignity Health

Jeanette Berrong, DO

Care Philosophy: I offer a full range of family care, from newborns to geriatrics, and have a special interest in population and individual health promotion and disease prevention.

Dignity Health

Stacy Berrong, DO

Care Philosophy: My focus as a family practitioner is to provide medical care to people of all ages, from newborns to the elderly, including obstetrical care.

Dignity Health

Kalpana Phadnis, MD

Care Philosophy: My philosophy is to have a holistic approach towards my patients, treating both body and mind with equal importance. I believe in providing excellent patient care with the practice of evidence based on medicine. I believe that communication is key towards establishing a trusting and long lasting relationship with my patients.

Dignity Health | My Pham

My Pham, DO

My goal is to provide excellent comprehensive care to patients of all ages in a mutually compassionate, non-judgmental and respectful environment. I emphasize a whole person approach and preventative health measures. I strive to develop long-term relationships with patients and their families while promoting health and minimizing illness.

Dignity Health

Uzma Rashid, MD

Care Philosophy: As a family physician, my focus is on the wonderful opportunity to improve the quality of life of my patients and provide them with compassionate primary care. I enjoy treating all age groups and a variety of health issues including diabetes, hypertension and women’s health.

Dignity Health

Olivier Seban, MD

Care Philosophy: I enjoy working with my patients on disease prevention and education, encouraging them to take an active and empowering role in their well-being.

Davis—Primary Care
2330 W Covell Blvd.

Family Medicine:
 Dignity Health

Ashley Anderson, DO

Care Philosophy: I am dedicated to treating all people with dignity and respect. I want to partner with my patients to provide the best, most comprehensive care. I truly believe that education is the cornerstone to healthy living and I try to teach my patients how to best care for their health long-term. I value continuity with my patients and find joy in taking care of whole families.

 Dignity Health

Pin-Chieh Chiang, DO

Care Philosophy: My approach to my patients is to treat the whole person including body, mind, and spirit.

Dignity Health

Mark Ewens, MD*

Care Philosophy: The focus of my work is to provide a full range of family care, from newborns to geriatrics. I have a special emphasis on sports medicine and the primary care of athletes.

Dignity Health | Yu Kao Yu (Chris) Kao, DO
Dignity Health

Thomas Ormiston, MD

Care Philosophy: The focus of my work is providing care for people of all ages.

Dignity Health

Christoper Swales, MD

Care Philosophy: Personal and compassionate care for all individuals and families including LGBT+ and non-traditional families. Dignity Health Medical Foundation - Woodland and Davis is an inclusive and supportive environment, providing the best care for all patients. I enjoy working with my colleagues, who never hesitate to offer their support and advice when needed.

 * Not currently accepting new patients.