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Joint Care That Moves You

Comprehensive Rheumatology Care in Woodland and Davis

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Our team of rheumatologists at Woodland Clinic are dedicated to helping patients regain movement and strength lost from arthritis and similar rheumatic diseases. 

Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to reducing pain and managing symptoms effectively. If you're experiencing pain, stiffness or swelling from arthritis or a similar rheumatic disease affecting your everyday life, the specialists at Woodland Clinic can help. Our rheumatologists treat everything from Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis, to lessen common diseases affecting the muscles, tendons and joints like Lyme disease and Scleroderma.  


Advanced treatments and procedures include:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen 
  • Corticosteroids: medications containing hormones
  • Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) 
  • Heat and cold therapy
  • Massage
  • Physical therapy 
  • Surgery to repair or replace a damaged joint in severe cases 

Our Locations

632 W. Gibson Rd
Woodland, CA 95695

2440 W. Covell Blvd
Davis, CA 95616

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