My Baby Pregnancy App

Personalize your pregnancy!

You’re taking the right steps towards a healthy pregnancy. We understand the value that comes with good advice during this time — rest assured that My Baby will help you through every symptom, sign, and step along the way. Give mommy brain a break. My Baby is a free app that puts almost everything you need for a healthy pregnancy right at your fingertips including:
  • Following your pregnancy milestones
  • Sharing instructive emails built for partners only
  • Looking up symptoms & issues
  • Tracking your weight & baby kicks
  • Watching weekly educational videos
  • Receiving daily highlights throughout your pregnancy

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My Baby App Video

Watch the video to see the My Baby app features.

Breastfeeding Tips

Know how to successfully increase your milk supply for your baby.

Patterned Breathing

Get breathing techniques that work best during labor and delivery.

Birth Plan 101

Build your birth plan now so you have less to worry about later.