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Support Groups & Resources

At Dignity Health Heart and Vascular Institute of Greater Sacramento, you are not alone. We offer a support group to encourage patients as they live with and manage their heart health.

Please contact the phone numbers below for more information.

Cardiac Education Forum & Support Group

Call (916) 453-4521 for dates and location (free)

Cardiac & PAD Rehabilitation

Mercy General   (916) 453-4521
Mercy San Juan (916) 537-5296
Sierra Nevada Memorial (530) 274-6103
Woodland Memorial (530) 662-3961 ext. 4531


Telephone-based education and medication management program to treat heart failure.
Call (916) 564-2880 for more information

Diabetes Management & Nutrition

Call (916) 453-4521 (free)
Class offered every other month

Heart Healthy Diet Class

Call (916) 453-4521 for monthly class (free)

Smoking Cessation Class

Help for those committed to quitting for good. Cost of class is $70.
Call (916) 453-4521 to register

Take the Next Step

If you think you’re at risk for cardiovascular disease, take the next step and find a cardiology specialist near you, use our Find a Doctor tool.