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Helping You Recover

Under the direction of your doctor, care while you are in the TCU is coordinated by a highly trained and dedicated team of professionals.


Transitional Care/Rehabilitation

The Transitional Care Unit

Patients typically stay in our TCU an average of two weeks, but many patients stay only a few days. How long you stay will depend on your diagnosis and overall condition. Because our TCU is located within California Hospital Medical Center, we have access to all of the hospital's services at any time, including those related to emergency care.

Patients are placed in our TCU based on their doctors' recommendation. There is no inconvenience to patients or family members because hospital staff will take care of the transfer. We understand the importance of your relationship with your doctor, and we want it to continue. In fact, your doctor may follow your care in our TCU even after your transfer.

Our Team Makes The Difference

Under the direction of your doctor, care while you are in the TCU is coordinated by a highly trained and dedicated team of professionals. They are committed to working together to provide our patients with the best care.

Registered Nurses/Licensed Vocational Nurses. These nurses are on duty 24 hours a day to supervise the nursing care you receive and to immediately inform your doctor of any changes in your condition. They are responsible for giving your medicine to you and making sure your doctor's orders are followed.

Rehabilitative Therapists. More than half of our patients receive daily rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapy from our licensed therapists. They will evaluate your condition and help you build up your strength and/or skills so that you will be prepared for your normal daily activities when you leave the TCU.

Social Worker. Our Social Work Services department assigns social workers to the TCU to help patients and their families work through the stress and other psychological issues caused by illness, injury, and disability. Services include: counseling for patients and families, referrals for community resources, and discharge planning. A social worker will help organize the plans and necessary arrangements for your care after you leave the TCU.

Dietitian. The best diet for your condition and nutritional needs will be planned by your doctor and the dietitian. Our Food and Nutrition Services department plans, prepares and serves tasty, nutritious meals. The dietitian will monitor your condition and inform your doctor if any adjustments in your diet are needed.

Activity Director. In addition to the physical, speech, occupational, or other types of therapy, our TCU patients receive recreational activities. We believe in promoting a patient's physical, emotional, social, and creative well-being. Our Activity Director will develop goals for a patient based on the patient's interests, needs, and abilities. Arts and crafts, music, games, reading, movies, exercise, and other specialized interests are offered, and families and friends of patients are invited to join in the fun! A monthly calendar of events is posted in each patient's room to encourage participation.

Spiritual Care. We offer the services of our chaplain not only to our TCU patients with spiritual needs, but also to those patients who need comfort and inspiration. Our chaplain is available to offer spiritual support to patients of any religion.

Other TCU Features

During your stay with us, a television is provided for you at no charge. In-room telephones are also provided, and local calls are free. Long distance calls can be made through the hospital operator by calling collect or billing to your calling card. Visiting hours in our TCU are from 11 am to 8 pm daily. There are also certain areas in our TCU where you can visit with your family and friends. A gift shop is located in the hospital's lobby.

Insurance Coverage

Benefits and insurance coverage for TCU (skilled nursing care) patients are available through medicare and many other insurance plans. Please call (213) 742-5580 if you have any questions about admissions or are in need of financial counseling.

For a Physician Referral, call (888) 742-2462 or use our online feature, Find a Doctor.