Drive-thru COVID-19 Testing

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Dignity Health - Glendale Memorial Hospital is focused on supporting our communities as we respond to the spread of COVID-19 in every way we can. We are following the latest guidance from the CDC and public health agencies. While we are prepared to identify, isolate and treat patients who seek care at our facilities, you may also take advantage of no-cost Virtual Urgent Care visits.

If you or a loved one have mild respiratory symptoms suggesting Coronavirus (COVID-19) such as cough, low-grade fever or mild respiratory problems, please contact your regular provider or consult via a Virtual Care visit.

  • Virtual visits will be offered for FREE for anyone who believes they may be experiencing mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms.
  • To access a no-cost virtual urgent care visit for a COVID-19 symptom, go here or call 855-356-8053 and use the coupon code COVID19. 

Glendale Memorial Hospital is now providing Drive-thru COVID-19 Testing.  Anyone who needs testing is welcome.  Please note, that we will prioritize results for healthcare workers and first responders.  All patients must have a physician order for testing.  A COVID-Test physician order can be downloaded here or below, and we will accept physician orders from any licensed physician. They do not have to be on our medical staff roster.  In order to facilitate testing, we recommend the following process:

  1. Contact your personal physician or your employee/occupational health provider
  2. Download and provide the physician with this form
  3. Ask doctor to follow the instructions on the form

Once we receive the form from your doctor, Glendale Memorial will call you to get additional information to register and book your appointment.  We will provide you with instructions at that time.  You will be required to bring a driver’s license or photo ID, and you will be asked for your appointment confirmation number. We cannot test anyone without a doctor’s order, and an appointment is required before testing.

Download our COVID-19 test physician order