Emergency Transplants in Southern California

Emergency transplants we perform at Dignity Health Southern California include liver, kidney, heart and lung transplants. Critical conditions that can quickly lead to an immediate need for organ transplantation include:

  • Acute liver failure from drug overdose or poisoning
  • Critical advanced heart failure, even with medication
  • Pulmonary hypertension leading to heart failure
  • Kidney failure

Use our Find a Doctor tool to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced transplant surgeons. Highly qualified organ transplant teams perform emergency transplants in Southern California at these locations: 

Transplant Surgery at Dignity Health Southern California

Emergency organ transplantation is not like other emergency surgeries. A person requiring an organ transplant must first have an evaluation at a transplant center in Southern California. Evaluation is necessary to ensure a good match between the patient (recipient) and the donor. 

At Dignity Health Southern California, our transplant team evaluates and prepares candidates for organ transplantation, finds matching donor organs, performs transplant surgery, and provides post-transplant care.

What to Expect with Emergency Transplant Surgery

Our team of transplant surgeons, specialists, transplant nurse coordinators, social workers, nutritionists, and pharmacists provide you with comprehensive care through every step of the transplant process at Dignity Health Southern California. 

We will help you adapt to everyday life and necessary follow-up care, including taking anti-rejection medicines and preventing infections and other illnesses. Organ transplantation can be a very emotional journey. If you need extra support, your doctor or a transplant team member is always available to help.

At Dignity Health Southern California, our post-transplant patients feel a sense of comfort knowing they can be treated close to home, should they need emergency services.

Dignity Health Southern California emergency transplants are performed by an expert team of surgeons, nurses, and support staff who provide lifelong care for transplant recipients.