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Life After Treatment

Getting the news that you are cancer free can be both exciting and stressful. While cancer is a chronic illness, there are many steps you can take to manage your emotions and physical well-being post treatment.

Navigating the new normal

  • After treatment you may experience mixed emotions, find a mental health professional who can help you cope and manage your emotions and stress if you need support.
  • Talk to your provider about maintenance therapy for your specific situation.
  • Understand cancer is a part of your life, so that may mean permanent lifestyle changes.  

Managing the what ifs

  • Recurrent cancer is a common concern, talk to your provider about how to cope with the anxiety and recurrence.
  • Early detection in recurrence is very important, keep your regular follow-up appointments with your provider.
  • Many worry about whether pregnancy is safe after treatment and how soon. Talk to your provider if you are thinking about starting a family.


Survivorship and Supportive Care

  • It is normal to have concerns about body image. If you experience challenges in this area schedule time to discuss these concerns with one of our social workers.
  • Find what and who nurtures your spirit and make time to enjoy that! Some patients find it therapeutic and healing to engage in a post treatment hobby or activity as a way to move forward on their journey.
  • You now know where to go for support. Continue to rely on your family and friends, as well as for emotional support and to help with daily tasks. It is helpful to have others in your circle who understand what you have experienced through this journey.


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