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Allergy & Immunology
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Allergy & Immunology


Seasonal allergy symptoms aren't only a bother, but as allergy sufferers can attest, they really can affect your everyday activities. During the Sacramento Valley allergy season, watery eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion and wheezing can affect your ability to sleep, work and perform outdoor activities. Allergies can even lead to severe symptoms such as asthma.


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At Woodland Healthcare, we are committed to providing you with high quality allergy services and equal attention to the physical and emotional dimensions of your health. Our main focus is to make a positive difference in the health status and lives of individuals in our community, with special concern for those of all ages who have allergies.

Comprehensive Allergy Services

We focus on preventing, diagnosing, managing and treating those who suffer from allergies. Allergies occur when your body reacts to certain outside substances that trigger a reaction, or overreaction, from your immune system. Triggers can come from certain food, animals, or seasonal allergens including pollens, grass and molds.

Don't fall victim to allergies. Prepare yourself for the Sacramento Valley allergy season by opting for allergy testing at Woodland Healthcare. Allergy testing can determine what substances, animals and food your body is allergic to, allowing you to avoid an allergy attack before it happens. And if you suffer from asthma, find out what allergens trigger your asthma attacks.

Our Allergy Services Include:

  • Environmental allergy testing
  • Immunotherapy (allergy shots)
  • Lung function testing
  • Hives and venom testing
  • Specialized immune system testing
  • Allergy testing for medications, foods and bee stings
  • Adult and pediatric asthma
  • Appointments available in Woodland and Davis

Propeller Health Study At Woodland Healthcare

To learn more about the Propeller Health study at Woodland Healthcare, or to see our recent media coverage, click here.

Learn More About Woodland Healthcare's Allergy Services

If you are suffering from allergies, call 530.668.2600 today!

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