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We live in a goal-oriented society. Most of us imagine a healthier version of ourselves and make plans to achieve it, with mixed success and satisfaction. Instead, let's look at health as a process, informed by knowledge, which we practice a little bit every day.
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How to Help Someone Quit Smoking: 6 Tips for Supporting Their Health

Christina Bhattacharya / DECEMBER 08, 2016

If someone you love is a smoker who wants to quit, it's only natural that you'd want to give them your support and encouragement. But learning to live without tobacco is no easy task, and any major life change can be a touchy subject, so it's tough to determine the best way to offer your help. If you're wondering how to help someone quit smoking and aren't sure where to begin, here are six tips to get the conversation started and give your loved one the support they need.

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