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We live in a goal-oriented society. Most of us imagine a healthier version of ourselves and make plans to achieve it, with mixed success and satisfaction. Instead, let's look at health as a process, informed by knowledge, which we practice a little bit every day.
Running for beginners
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Get Going: A Guide to Running for Beginners

Jonathan Thompson / MARCH 29, 2017

Although it might not feel like it, your body is a running machine. In fact, many experts say that a well-trained human can outdo nearly any other animal on the planet over long distances. In 2004, for example, one man in Wales outpaced dozens of horses in a 22-mile marathon. However, thanks to sedentary jobs, poorly designed footwear, and other negative factors, most people aren't ready to enter a race against a pack of horses. But even if you've never hit the pavement before, you can become a runner. Here are some tips on running for beginners to help you form a long-lasting, safe routine and live up to your running potential.

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