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Take Back Your Morning, Today!

It's time to take back our mornings. In just 10 years, technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives. From the way we work, to the way we interact with each other, even the way we wake up each day -- life has certainly shifted thanks to the smartphones that accompany our every move, the laptops we take home each night, or the tablets we take on a plane for a family vacation.

Not that long ago our daily routines flowed uninterrupted, from that first "Good morning!" from a loved one, to sending our kids off to a busy day at school. But today, our smartphones have invaded our morning rituals, replacing quality or personal time spent with others in favor of mindless browsing through images, news, and emails on a small screen.

According to a recent Dignity Health study*, surveying 2,000 respondents in the U.S., most people use their smartphones in the morning for five reasons:

  1. To connect with others
  2. To be informed/stay enlightened
  3. To get caught up/stay up-to-date
  4. For entertainment
  5. To be productive/get something done

Below are leading reasons why people used select media platforms in the morning, according to US Internet users. July 2014.

We can carry an entire community around with us in our pockets, now, thanks to our phones. But do we need to be checking in with that person we haven't seen since high school before we've even connected with our partner or children?

A recent survey by Dignity Health found that a whopping 87% of adult respondents feel people spend too much time on their phones. And 40% of respondents have experienced physical pain or discomfort from using their phone too much. So why are we all still picking up the phone first thing in the morning and throughout the day when we know we're spending too much time, or we're in actual physical pain, thanks to our trusty smartphone sidekick? Further, physicians have linked too much screen time to anxiety, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even obesity.

It's time to take back our mornings.

Our morning moments have a transformative power to heal the body and mind, and get your day off on the right foot. Taking back your mornings is easier than you think. Here are three simple ways to help you get back to basics, connect with others and yourself.

  1. Be a kid again: Summon your inner-child and start your day off by going "out to play" with friends at the coffee shop or local park instead of checking them out on Facebook.
  2. A shot at those skinny jeans: Less screen time means more outdoor time. More time to focus on your health. Take those screen minutes and turn them into "me" minutes by taking a morning walk, doing some yoga, or making a fresh, healthy breakfast.
  3. Long, romantic walks on the beach: Well, sort of. Positive social interaction is associated with changes in several hormone levels in the body. You might not live by the ocean, but socializing with a significant other at the start of each day could give you the same amorous feelings as a walk on the beach.

Tell us how you plan to take back your mornings by using #TakeBackYourMorning on social media!

*Dignity Health partnered with Allison+Partners' research team to conduct a survey to reveal insights on attitudes, behaviors and perceptions about mobile phone usage. Allison+Partners, using hosting services from Qualtrics, surveyed 2,000 daily smartphone users across the U.S. This survey was conducted from October 9 to October 23, 2015.

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