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Parent Like a Pro: 4 Organizational Apps for Parents

By Carolyn Heneghan October 03, 2016 Posted in: Family Health , Article

Smartphones have become an integral tool in the lives of today's busy, on-the-go parents. Sometimes, a mobile device is the best distraction for your child while you're waiting in a long line or strolling up and down the grocery store aisles. But smartphones also deliver organizational apps for parents, with functionalities that make Mom and Dad's daily lives easier. Here are four organizational apps that can add much-needed convenience and simplicity to any parent's hectic schedule.

A Parent's Do-It-All App: Cozi (Free)

Cozi is the ultimate family organization app in terms of functionality, versatility, and user-friendliness. It provides a single shared calendar with each family member's schedule uniquely color-coded. It also sends automatic reminders and agenda emails to ensure that no one misses an event or appointment. Parents can easily track and manage individual or shared to-do lists for themselves and the kids, and they can create other helpful lists for shopping, packing, books to read, upcoming movie releases -- you name it. Cozi also stores recipes for easier meal planning and provides a family journal to capture all those unforgettable family moments in a single app.

Save Your Kids' Artwork Forever: Artkive ($4.99)

If those fast-growing stacks of your child's artwork and the thought of throwing any of it away overwhelm you in equal measure, you need Artkive. This free app lets you chronologically store, share, and print your child's artwork or schoolwork. It's more than just taking digital photos of the artwork itself: You can transform pieces you upload into a hardback book or a wide range of other keepsakes, including phone cases, coasters, and even blankets. Now, you can find creative, space-saving ways to cherish your kids' art projects for a lifetime.

Making Chores Fun for Everyone: ChoreMonster (Free)

Want your kids to actually get excited about doing their chores? ChoreMonster makes helping out around the house more fun for everyone. Parents can use the app to create a quick, easy chore schedule and a set of rewards that their kids can buy with points they earn for completing their to-dos. When your kids see the rewards they can choose from, they'll be a lot more excited to do their chores. Forget the dreaded chore chart -- this app makes keeping track of chores more enjoyable and interactive for everyone.

Coming to a Playdate Near You: RedRover (Free)

RedRover lets you keep track of the schedule for all your favorite local playdate sites -- museums, cultural centers, libraries, parks, and other areas with kid- and family-friendly events. This handy app gives you all the information you need to plan out fun activities with your kids and their friends. It includes the best spots for eating, shopping, and playing around the event for more fun before or after. RedRover is currently available in just a handful of cities, such as New York City, Boston, Atlanta, and San Francisco, but the company is planning to expand to more cities soon.

Armed with these helpful apps for parents, you can stay on top of your family's busy schedule and remain master of your life even when things get hectic.

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