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12 Ways to #TakeBackYourMorning

This winter, we encourage you to Take Back Your Morning from screen time and instead, wake up to family, pets and gratitude. Your health just might thank you for it.

Here are some tips; see what you might be missing when you let your device dominate your day.

  • 12 printed photos. Instead of swiping through the photo stream on your phone, print photos that inspire you – whether it's scenery of a place you love, or your kid's school photo, soak in the images and let them fill you with the promise of a new day.
  • 11 minutes outside. Lace up your sneakers and head out for a walk or a jog. Reward yourself by breathing in some fresh air and getting the blood circulating. Just a few minutes will help you feel refreshed and ready for the day.
  • 10 scratches behind the ears of your furry friend. Pets are known to improve happiness and health. Your loyal animal companion loves you no matter what; give back with some well-earned attention and it will make their day.
  • 9 deep breaths. Once you're out of bed, find a quiet place to meditate. We have tips for meditation beginners here.
  • 8 bites of breakfast. Pour a bowl of cereal, whip up a smoothie or scramble some eggs. Start your day off with a filling, healthy breakfast.
  • 7 more snores for your spouse. That person in deep slumber is your life partner, your cheerleader, your number one. So go ahead and let them sleep for a few more minutes.
  • 6 headlines. Pick up the newspaper, a magazine or a book. Get inspired for the day with some good, old-fashioned, ink-on-paper prose that won't cause eye strain from a glowing screen.
  • 5 blinks. Open your eyes and lay still for a minute. Take a look at that blank canvas ceiling and embrace the joy the coming day will bring.
  • 4 morning snuggles. Whether you sneak into their rooms or they've come tiptoeing into yours, hug your kids with the greatest snuggle ever.
  • 3 quiet rooms. Take a few minutes to walk around your home or apartment, enjoy the peace and quiet before the insanity of the day begins. And if you dare, take a sneak peek at the gifts under the tree.
  • 2 cups of coffee or tea. You shouldn't be operating heavy machinery – like that tiny computer that is your phone – without enough caffeine to wake you up.
  • 1 sunrise. Days are shorter, which means you don't have to sacrifice those much needed 8 hours of sleep to watch a beautiful sunrise.

For more on the Take Back Your Morning movement, join and check out the hashtag #TakeBackYourMorning on Twitter and Instagram.

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