Dignity Health Care Coordination Program

Sometimes, reaching your health goals takes a little extra help. If you’re living with a complex or chronic health condition, you might be eligible to participate in the Dignity Health Care Coordination Program.

Care coordination benefits include:

  • A dedicated health care team that provides personalized support to help you reach your goals
  • Answers to your questions and help following your doctor’s treatment plans, managing medications and coordinating your health care appointments.
  • Tips to help with self-care, and access to resources and programs that you need.

Set up an appointment today with a care coordinator to discuss your personal health care needs. 

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What is Care Coordination?

Our support team provides a range of services for both patients and physicians.

Why it's needed
What it is
How it works
What we've accomplished

Why it's needed

Sometimes, reaching your health goals takes a little extra help. Effective care coordination from a dedicated healthcare team can help improve outcomes by communicating and sharing information while providing the care you need to help you feel your best.

What it is

At its heart, care coordination is about managing your care and sharing information with everyone involved. If you’re living with a complex or chronic condition, care coordination can provide personalized, quality care and connect you to resources to help you improve and maintain your health.

How it works

Your Care Coordination team can help you:

  • Get answers to your questions
  • Follow your doctor’s treatment plans
  • Manage medications
  • Coordinate health care appointments
  • Learn tips for self-care
  • Access resources or programs you need

What we've accomplished

By creating an enterprise-wide approach to care coordination, Dignity Health has been able to help the patients regain or maintain optimum health and improve their functional capabilities and support physicians and other providers in the care process.

For Patients

Get Support to Reach Your Health Goals

Learn more about Dignity Health’s Care Coordination Program and how you can participate here. Talk to your doctor about the program, and watch this brief video. 

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Contact Us

To find out more about Care Coordination,
call us at (833)767-8614.

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For Physicians

Help Your Patients Reach Their Health Goals

An additional Physician Care coordination video was created to help each clinician better understand the program and to help patients learn more. The three-minute Physician video provides a summary of the program and its benefits — namely, improved patient outcomes. We encourage every clinician to view the video and share the program details with patients as appropriate.

How We're Helping Communities

Preventing Unnecessary Hospital Says

Effective care coordination can help patients stay healthy — and it can also help them recuperate and even prevent readmission to the hospital. This was the case for a recent patient referred to Dignity Health care coordination after a hospital stay. In thanking our team for following the patient’s care and making recommendations based on the data collected, his family member let us know that this coordination of care helped the patient improve and avoid readmission.

Coordinating to Expedite Care

Care coordination can help ensure patients of all ages get the care they need, exactly when they need it by. When a toddler needed to see an orthopaedic surgeon for a fracture on a Friday but a letter of agency contact was unavailable, Dignity Health’s care coordination team took action, transferring the child to a location where they could be seen immediately.

Critical Support in A Crisis

Knowing you have a team behind you can help patients get through even the most difficult of circumstances. While one patient was in short-term rehabilitation following hip surgery, her husband and daughter both passed away, causing her to become depressed and stop participating in therapy. But with help from Dignity Health’s care coordination team, she was able to connect with resources for critical support at a crucial point in her recovery, including a a licensed clinical social worker, who met with the patient, encouraged her to reengage in therapy, and made medication recommendations to her physician, all of which made it possible for her to recover and return home.