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Patient Testimonials

Please see a sample of some of the wonderful things our patients have to say about us!

Dignity Health Medical Group - Dominican (Urgent Care) -  … I found the staff of admin, RN's and doctors to be exceptional in their professionalism and manner in which they made me feel as if I was the only person being cared for. It was genuine. It is good to know that there is an Urgent Care facility nearby that I wouldn't hesitate one second to return if the need became necessary. Even the nose swabs were a bit fun! Brought tears to my eyes... Feel free to take your cares to Dignity Health on 41st in Capitola. They really do care.

Yingwei Qi, MD - We absolutely love Dr. Qi. She is very attentive and thorough. I have never met such a wonderful doctor, she truly cares about her patients.

Dignity Health Medical Group - Dominican (Urgent Care) - New to the area. The doctors and nurses were incredibly helpful, sweet, and efficient. The facility was super clean and modern. 

Stefanie Hatfield, MD - Stefanie is amazing!!! As a seasoned L&D who has worked with tons of providers, I knew exactly who I wanted when I got pregnant and it was Stefanie. She is so professional, amazing in emergencies, and so caring. Total package. I had great care from her during my pregnancy and highly recommend her!

Dignity Health Medical Group - Dominican (Urgent Care) - Wow! Such an amazing office and staff. I felt like I was taken care of very quickly as I walked in on a Friday night. Dr. Brown and her nurse Michelle were such good listeners and helped me out in more ways than I expected. I highly recommend this place if you need urgent medical help. They truly do care about their patients.

Jennifer Kelly Daodu, MD - Best doctor I've ever had. I found her through a doctor search with my health plan and she actually had her profile filled out on her specialities (unlike most). I picked her based on some general things, but was very happy with her over time. She was always happy to explain things and check in about stuff that the appointment wasn't necessarily about. Friendly and nonjudgemental, she made going to the doctor easy and efficient.

Dignity Health Medical Group - Dominican (Urgent Care) - Nothing but good things to say. Absolutely lovely people who are helpful and caring from the first moment. 

David Kipps, MD - I love Dr. Kipps! I fractured 3 ribs and have a lung condition. My regular pulmonologist is in Burlingame - too far to deal with such a painful situation. Dr. Kipps took care of me at the local hospital and did an excellent job. He is wonderful technically and personally and I am so happy to have found him!

Dignity Health Medical Group - Dominican (Urgent Care) - Visit: Sat. March 18 around 4-5pm. Dr. Dunn was so kind and had a great connecting with my daughter. She was extremely fussy and crying for everything. He spoke to her in soft, calm voice and talk to her every step. She was able to calm down to the point to allow him to examined her. He was very informative of my daughter's condition. Great services. We got in and out quickly less than 40 min. Everyone was so friendly. Great staff.

Jennifer Kelly Daodu, MD - Dr. Daodu is an excellent physician and takes great care of her patients. Great listener, great manners!

Dignity Health Medical Group - Dominican (Urgent Care) - First time coming here. This place is great! Fast efficient service. Caring, friendly staff and medical team. Leave on a flight out of town tomorrow and they made sure I'm good go. Love this place. Hope I don't have to frequent it often but if needed glad they are here. Thank you!

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