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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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Addressing Neuro / Musculo / Skeletal Conditions

Physical medicine and rehabilitation is an area of medicine dedicated to addressing neuro/musculo/skeletal conditions. Using medicine, electrodiagnosis, injection techniques, osteopathic manipulation, and a full team of therapists, we design individually tailored non-surgical treatment plans to ensure the best possible outcome and return patients to an active lifestyle.

The Dignity Health Medical Group – Dominican rehabilitation doctors direct and manage the care on Dominican Hospital’s Acute Rehabilitation Unit (ARU). They also provide ongoing rehabilitation care and coordination for persons with an assortment of disabilities. The ARU is dedicated to maximizing the functional recovery and medical stability of patients who have suffered acute injuries such as stroke, spinal cord injury, limb amputation, or other life-altering injuries.

Our goal is to help patients return to community living.

Holistic Back Care

At Dignity Health Medical Group Dominican, we've created an approach to treating the most common program related to the back. Delivered in a series of five, monthly group appointments, we work to improve spinal health and function with mindfulness, movement, nutrition, and relaxation. Download our flyer or call (831) 661-6020 for more information.

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