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Primary Care Doctors in San Francisco

If you need a primary care doctor in San Francisco, come see us.

Brett Smith, MD

I practice kindness and compassion by assuring my patients are being heard and that their concerns are being addressed in an open, friendly and informative way. My goal is to help people live their lives to the fullest by helping them stay healthy.

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2250 Hayes Street, Suite 302

Call: (650) 689-3867


John Clothier, MD

My philosophy is to offer each patient caring, compassionate, and individualized care. 

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24 Willie Mays Plaza 

Call:  (650) 735-8526


Ryan Cudahy, MD

I believe in a tailored, individual approach to every patient that comes into my office. I prefer to start with the most basic, least invasive approach to care such as physical therapy and working on mechanics and then escalate as needed to continue to treat my patients' needs. I routinely use ultrasound evaluation to aid in diagnosis and education for my patients. No patient should leave dissatisfied and everyone will have learned something about their condition

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Jillian Raghow, PA

I am committed to providing  compassionate, respectful, informed and collaborative care for my patients and their families with an ever present community public health perspective.

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See Drs. Cudahy and Raghow

585 Buckingham Way, 94132

Call: (650) 689-3804


Katherine Milroy, MD

I believe in open and equal access to all and prevention of diseases.   

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595 Buckingham Way,Suite 300

Call: (650) 735-8746