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Quality and Safety in Patient Care

At Dignity Health, our mission is to provide high quality compassionate health care for all who seek it, and we strive for the best, safest care for our patients. We participate in public reporting projects that promote transparency, facilitate improvements, and help consumers to make informed choices about their health care. One such project is the Hospital Quality Transparency Dashboard project, sponsored by the Hospital Quality Institute, in cooperation with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and California Hospital Association, which is working to increase quality transparency for hospitals.

As a voluntary and active participant in this project, we publish the results of five specific outcome measures for all of our hospitals. Although the measures are an imperfect tool, they broadly reflect quality and safety of patient care, and can help guide improvement as our caregivers continually work to deliver compassionate care. This transparency dashboard project is one of many efforts to help all hospitals provide better and safer patient care.

Select from the list below to see recent results for your hospital compared to the average results for hospitals in California and across the U.S. Remember, lower numbers indicate better patient care for that specific measure.