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Primary Care Doctors in Sequoia

If you need a primary care doctor in Sequoia, come see us. Call us at  (650) 679-7797.

Marie President, MD

Customer Service is our main goal, along with compassionate care delivered with skill and empathy.


Elizabeth Kocot, MD

I am a passionate Primary Care Physician who has been practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years. My proactive care approach focuses on the wellness of the patient, as I encourage my patients to lead healthier lifestyles and take appropriate measures to prevent chronic disease. I am fortunate to work as part of the Sequoia Hospital team, which is comprised of a connected network of skilled specialists, experienced clinicians and attentive medical staff members. 

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Steven Howard, MD

I strongly believe that medicine is not about computers and textbooks, but about understanding the individuals' medical and psychological needs. We strive to guide them through the medical system to provide them with the highest quality and most appropriate care possible. I try to provide the patient with as much information as possible, and involve them in the decision making process. I enjoy treating entire families, as the family dynamics often provide insight into the medical problem of one of the family's members. I am always honored when an individual entrusts me with their medical care. 

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Gary Aron, MD

I enjoy all aspects of internal medicine. My goal is to practice evidence based medicine, be a good listener and give my patients the time they need. 

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Half Moon Bay

Pamela Carrington-Tribble, DO

My philosophy of care has always been to approach my patients' health concerns from a comprehensive perspective. I believe that medical care should work in conjunction with the body's innate ability to heal itself. My goal is to continue to partner with my patients as they seek and maintain health while looking forward preventatively. 

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