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Diabetes Care

The Mercy Medical Group Diabetes Care Team is committed to helping patients stay healthy and out of the hospital. Patients with diabetes respond favorably to education, support and monitoring. The care team approach to managing diabetes provides the comprehensive treatment to give an increased sense of well being while improving their patients' quality of life.

Mercy Medical Group's Diabetes Care Team is comprised of Primary Care Physicians, Nurse Educators, Dietitians, Endocrinologists, Social Workers and Clinical Pharmacists. The team's goal is to help manage individuals with diabetes live a full and productive life.

To speak to a Diabetes Care Team member, call (916) 733-5798. Our team members can also provide information about the cost of visits, based on your specific health insurance. Care teams are located at the Midtown and San Juan locations.

Diabetes Information and Education

There are several excellent educational resources available on the Internet. Here are a few sites we would recommend:

American Diabetes Association:
American Association of Diabetes Educators:
American Association of Kidney Patients: