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Increasing Capital for Underserved Communities

Sometimes the best way toward progress is empowering those who are already working toward similar goals. We work to support community health by giving local non-profit partners the financial tools they need to serve the underserved and improve their community's health and quality of life.


Dignity Health is dedicated to making a positive impact on the social determinants of health, particularly on the health of those economically-disadvantaged communities served by Dignity Health hospitals, but also nation-wide and world-wide.

Dignity Health investments are to be used by nonprofit organizations for community development programs benefiting under-served populations (economically poor; women and children; mentally or physically disabled; or other disenfranchised populations).


In keeping with our strategic priorities, Dignity Health encourages investments that integrate the following principles:

  • Targets resources to low-income communities
  • Invests in the revitalization of urban or rural areas
  • Empowers low-income people to create, manage and own enterprises
  • Demonstrates a commitment to healthy communities
  • Safeguards the environment

Types of Investments

    Direct Loan - secured and/or unsecured loan negotiated between Dignity Health and a nonprofit borrower.

    Intermediary Investment - investment negotiated between Dignity Health and a nonprofit organization that lends to other nonprofit organizations and/or those historically underserved by financial markets.

    Line of Credit - a promise between Dignity Health and a nonprofit organization to make a direct loan. Terms specify the maximum amount of the line and the time period during which the borrower may draw the funds.

    Linked Deposits - a below market rate deposit by Dignity Health that enables a community development financial institution to make small business and affordable housing loans to particular projects.

    Equity Capital - stock purchase in community development banks or other types of alternative economic enterprises.

    Guarantees - a promise from Dignity Health to a nonprofit organization to pay their financial obligation in the event the nonprofit organization is unable to pay.

Investment Terms: 1-7 years
Rate: Generally at or below market rate


Application Process

Applications are available upon request. For more information, download the brochure and contact [email protected].