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Sustainability at Dignity Health

Hello humankindness is a powerful idea that reflects our shared heritage and commitment to future generations. We understand our wellness is inextricably linked to the health of our planet. How Dignity Health contributes to our collective quality of life will continue to be a key measure of our organization's success.

One way we express kindness is by cultivating policies based on principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. At a time of sweeping change and challenge for the health care industry as a whole, Dignity Health strives to modernize our health delivery system in ways that promote a healthy environment and make higher quality care more accessible at a lower cost.

How We're Making Progress - The Sustainability Report


Our annual Sustainability Report details the specific initiatives we've put in place and the results we've accomplished on a variety of fronts. It encompasses all elements of Dignity Health's operations, including patient care, employee support, community investment, purchasing choices, energy consumption, and waste management. We invite you to see where we're making great strides and where we're working to improve.

Download the 2018 Sustainability Report

What's Good for the Patient is Good for the Planet

As health care providers, we recognize the interdependence between human health and our environment. It is important that the products we use, the energy we consume and the waste we generate be optimized to ensure safety both inside and outside the walls of our care centers. As such, Dignity Health has made key partnerships and implemented programs to do just that.