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Clinical Pastoral Education Program


The mission of the Bay Area Center for CPE is to provide accredited clinical pastoral education that develops spiritual care providers and educators skilled in delivering theologically informed, clinically competent, and culturally sensitive spiritual care within our hospitals, congregations, and the communities we serve.

Bay Area Center for Clinical Pastoral Education

Our program offers a collaborative, interfaith, clinical learning environment in which CPE students develop their skills in pastoral reflection, formation, competence and specialization. CPE has 9 one-year ACPE residency positions at two hospitals in suburban and urban locations. The program at each site includes a rich mix of clinical environments, robust academic and skills-focused curriculum, active participation with interdisciplinary care teams, and pastoral mentoring with emphasis on awareness of self.

In the CPE educational program and spiritual care delivery, we affirm and uphold the Dignity Health core values of dignity, collaboration, justice, stewardship, and excellence.

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