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CHW Launches New Ad Campaign

Bringing More Americans into the Debate

San Francisco, Ca - April 7, 2008 - Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) today launched a new advertising campaign aimed at provoking a robust public discussion of health care reform, medical costs and the environment.

"Whether it's ensuring health care is available to all, or finding ways to lower costs while maintaining quality, CHW believes that we have a responsibility, as leaders in our field, to re-examine how health care resources are distributed," said Lloyd H. Dean, CHW's president/chief executive officer. "In short, we believe every American has a right to quality, compassionate care."

The series of full-page ads, created by the San Francisco advertising firm Engine Company 1, will appear in the western editions of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, through May 2008. (View the ads: Heart, Brain, Foot).

The campaign uses visual images to link the concepts of the human body with issues directly related to health care. CHW has launched the campaign in tandem with a new health care blog,

Designed to capture multiple viewpoints and insights, CHW believes that no organization or individual alone has the answer to the current health care crisis. Rather, it will take many voices from many fields to find the right solution. "Access to health care is a fundamental human right," Dean, said. "All of us must work together and support our state and national leaders as they drive the debate for change nationwide."


CHW launches thought-provoking ad campaign to bring more Americans into the debate

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Monday, April 07, 2008