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An older couple with their arms around each other smiling with the sun behind them.

Welcome to Dignity Health Medical Group—North State

We provide quality health care for you and your family, at every stage of life. Take the opportunity to learn more about our doctors and services.

About Dignity Health Medical Group—North State

To help our patients live healthy lives, Dignity Health Medical Group—North State offers great doctors and a full range of services—from preventive care to special programs for chronic conditions—at convenient locations throughout California. We are dedicated to providing daily excellence for all your health care needs. We believe an important part of that excellence is truly listening, ensuring patients understand their medical situation, and enabling them to make informed decisions. For whatever stage of life you’re in, we strive to help you make the most of it.

Services offered at North State

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Your relationship with your doctor is a valuable asset in the pursuit of health and life satisfaction. At Dignity Health Medical Group—North State, we put equal value on advanced clinical knowledge and warm, understanding care. More than just a group of clinicians who are experts in their fields—we have a primary care team and specialists you’d want to build long-term relationships with as people.