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Technician looking through microscope

Laboratory services

Dignity Health Medical Foundation has laboratory locations across California, providing convenient access to lab services, such as diagnosing diseases, testing function of organs, and checking medication effectiveness.

Although you may be directed to lab services by a specialist, your primary care provider will usually be the person ordering the testing. This may be for routine check-ups or to determine the cause of a specific problem and whether or not you need to be referred to more specialized care.


Find laboratory services near me

With laboratories across California, Dignity Health Medical Foundation is right around the corner. Visit with a primary care physician, in person or virtually, if you have any wellness questions.

Services offered

  • Blood tests for diagnostics and analysis of medication effectiveness and organ function

  • Clinical laboratory services that test samples from the body for diagnostics and treatment

  • Pathology laboratory services that test tissue, stool, blood, and other bodily fluids to diagnose and determine the origins of diseases¬†


Find a Doctor

With clinics throughout California, a Dignity Health Medical Foundation primary care physician is nearby, ready to help you with your wellness journey.