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Sleep medicine

Dignity Health sleep medicine specialists are here to help you get the rest you need. Sleep allows us to rest and recharge so we can be present with our loved ones and enjoy the world around us. But for some, sleep disorders can cause disruptions not just during the night, but during their everyday lives as well. 

At Dignity Health Medical Foundation, you can find treatment and prevention options for a variety of sleep disorders, from snoring to narcolepsy. Our locations provide patients with sleep studies, diagnoses, and treatment plans while offering the latest digital technology. Experienced, board-certified physicians work alongside a team of neurologists, psychologists, and otolaryngologists to provide the highest quality care.

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With locations across California, Dignity Health Medical Foundation is just right around the corner. Schedule an appointment with a sleep medicine physician, in person or virtually.


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With clinics throughout California, a Dignity Health Medical Foundation sleep medicine physician is nearby and ready to assist you with your wellness journey.