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Internal Medicine Services

Internal Medicine - Dignity Health Medical Group (DHMG) Arizona
Dignity Health Medical Group Internal Medicine department provides internal medicine primary care services and specialty services to men and women 18 years and older in an outpatient setting. Our team works in collaboration with multiple specialties, both inpatient and outpatient, to provide comprehensive care for our patients. Each of our providers works closely with their patients with a special emphasis on preventative care.

Internal medicine at DHMG

Internal medicine physicians (internists) are equipped to deal with any situation that may arise—common or rare, simple or complex. They are specially trained to solve serious diagnostic problems and can handle severe chronic illnesses and situations where several different illnesses may strike at the same time.

Dignity Health Medical Group internal medicine physicians are not limited to one type of medical problem or organ system. They are experts in diagnosing and treating chronic illness. All of Dignity Health Medical Group’s internal medicine physicians are board certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Services include:

  • Bloodwork/lab services
  • Comprehensive treatment of adults and seniors
  • Coumadin/anticoagulation and other medicine management
  • Diabetes management and counseling
  • Follow-up after an inpatient stay
  • General mental health counseling
  • Preventative care, including diet, exercise and education for staying healthy
  • Referrals to specialty providers/care
  • Variety of physical exams, including routine, employee, sports and school physicals

Teaching tomorrow's doctors

Our department is a highly respected training site for medical students who are a part of the growing programs at Creighton University Medical School and Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS). Our Internal Medicine practitioners work to provide exceptional care for their patients while assisting in the training and coaching of future talent. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the next generation of physicians is fully prepared to provide the best possible care for the families within the Phoenix metropolitan area.

For more information, visit our Residencies and Fellowships page.

Patient centered, team based care

Dignity Health Medical Group incorporates ‘Team-based Care’ - to accomplish shared goals and achieve coordinated, high-quality care." .Team-based care is a patient-centered approach designed to make primary care more comprehensive and accessible, thereby meeting important needs of patients and families. Our provider team includes physician faculty, residents, and medical students working together to optimize patient outcomes and experience. Our residents are all medical school graduates specializing in family medicine.

Our provider team works together to provide care for a panel of patients. Additional team members complement our providers such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, care managers, dietitians, pharmacists, medical assistants, behavioral health specialists and social workers—as well as nonclinical staff, such as receptionists and health coaches. Our providers and staff are then organized into standardized teams that provide care to different patient – those teams are labeled by a color – Purple, Blue, Yellow and Green. Patients ‘join’ our team as they are assigned to a ‘color’ team when scheduled as a new patient.

Our clinic then works going forward as an integrated team to make sure you have comprehensive clinical care focused on coordination, efficiency, effectiveness. This approach offers many potential advantages including expanded access to care (more hours of coverage); additional services that are essential to providing high-quality care, such as patient education, behavioral health, and care coordination. Fundamental to this approach is drawing on the expertise of a variety of provider team members, to improve problem solving, data driven and continuous quality improvement approaches to care. We are excited to have you join our team!