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Our Physicians

When our family grows stronger, so does yours.

The healing power of humankindness grows stronger when we bring together the smartest physicians we know. It’s why we’re welcoming Identity Medical Group into the Dignity Health family. They take great pride in delivering comprehensive and compassionate care, focused on patients’ total health and wellness.

Our combined group of more than 50 trusted providers will deliver quality care to the community from 15 convenient locations. Providing expanded Family Medicine, Women’s Health, Pediatric, and specialty services to our community. Together, we will now be known as Dignity Health Medical Group. Most important, our patients will continue to be treated with the kindness you’ve grown to expect from all of us.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 805.738.3862.

Many providers are also scheduling appointments online.  Click here to see their profiles and make an appointment.

Dignity Health Medical Group

Family Medicine

Sarah Abraham, NP
Jody Balloch, MD
Kelly L. Calkins, PA-C
Lindy Chavez, NP
Shahram Fatemi, MD
Cynthia M. Fiacco, NP
Hany Fouad, MD
Sicen He, FNP
Koji Kubo, MD
Davin Lundquist, MD
Bindhu Nair, MSN, FNP-BC
Camille Wedlow, MD
Sara Whatley-Dustin, DO

Internal Medicine

Naser Jamal, DO
Jane Lindberg, MD
Jocelyn Napod, MD
Edwina Skinner, MD
Mark Stokols, MD


Imelda DeForest, MD


Nicole Abell, DO
Afshan Ghiai-Fatemi, MD
Gary Nishida, MD
Jennifer Steen, MD

Hematology / Oncology

Keith Eilerman, MD

Infectious Disease

Glen Abergel, MD
Joshua Wolfsohn, DO


Mani Nezhad, MD


Gita Fatemi, MD

Welcome Identity Medical Group

Family Medicine

Maria Dickey, DO
Micah Dickey, DO
Robert Dodge, MD
Christina Hofer, MD
Carl Jonokuchi, MD
Geoffrey Loman, MD
Alexander Meyer, MD
Charles Murphy, MD
Kyle Stephens, DO
Jeffrey Tubbs, MD
Michael Tushla, MD

Internal Medicine

Cynthia Caffrey, MD
J. Anna Chen, MD
Robert Dekkers, MD
Gary Deutsch, MD
Megan Mescher-Cox, DO

Pulmonary Diseases

David Mescher, MD


Diane Narhi, MD

Wound Care

Elvin Park, MSN

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