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Pelvic Pain & Surgery

Pelvic Pain - Dignity Health Medical Group (DHMG) Arizona
Dignity Health Medical Group (DHMG) Pelvic Pain and Surgery is dedicated to the treatment of pelvic pain and complex pelvic surgery. Our gynecologic and pelvic surgeons specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of all conditions leading to chronic pelvic pain—especially complicated diagnoses that require both non-surgical and complex surgical interventions. All of our surgeons are MIGS (minimally invasive gynecologic surgery) fellowship trained and dedicated to delivering exceptional care with humankindness.

Pelvic pain at DHMG

Our nationally renowned providers specialize in both the surgical and non-surgical treatment of pelvic pain. We are one of only five in the United States that performs the surgical decompression of injured pudendal nerves, and patients from all over North America come to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center to have this surgery done. We are also one of the few institutions in the country to perform a laparoscopic Vecchietti procedure.

Conditions we treat:

  • Complications due to implanted mesh
  • Fibroids
  • Interstitial cystitis
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Pain caused by previous pelvic surgery
  • Pelvic congestion syndrome
  • Pelvic pain caused by pelvic organ prolapse
  • Postoperative adhesions
  • Pudendal nerve entrapment (PNE) / pudendal neuralgia
  • Severe Endometriosis (including bowel, diaphragm, and bladder)
  • Spastic Pelvic Floor Syndrome (SPFS)

*Please call us to verify which services are offered at each location.

Minimally invasive surgery for pelvic pain

As specialists in their field, our surgeons can perform gynecologic procedures using minimally invasive approaches, such as laparoscopy and the daVinci robotically-assisted surgery system. This often results in:

  • Fewer complications and less risk of infection
  • Quicker recovery and return to normal activities (often 1-2 weeks instead of 6-8 weeks)
  • Shorter hospital stays (often one day instead of three)
  • Significantly less post-operative pain (over-the-counter pain medications often suffice)Smaller incisions, less scarring

Teaching tomorrow's doctors

Our department is a highly respected training site for medical students who are a part of the growing programs at Creighton University Medical School and Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS). Our surgeons within Pelvic Pain and Surgery work to provide exceptional care for their patients while assisting in the training and coaching of future talent as well. In addition to teaching medical students on campus at St. Joseph’s and at the University of Arizona, our surgeons direct a two-year fellowship in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (MIGS) and work with residents and fellows in other departments as well. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the next generation of physicians is fully prepared to provide the best possible care for the families within the Phoenix metropolitan area.

For more information, visit our Academic Medicine  page.