Humankindness starts with mindfulness

When you pause to reflect, you see the bigger picture of your life and your relationships. This opens the door to a better understanding and a greater appreciation of those around you. Use these tools to form a deeper connection with others and enjoy the proven health benefits it can bring.

Practicing Mindfulness

Discover mindful meditation

Focused breathing doesn’t just reduce stress. It can make us more present for the moments that fill our days and for the people we’re with.

Hit “Reset” Whenever You Choose

Sometimes, all you need is a brief, flickering distraction to take your mind off things


The Key to Calming Down

You can calm yourself in any situation with this simple breathing exercise


Choose Mindfully

Feast Your Eyes

Getting the most out of life starts by noticing what’s around you.


Get In The Groove

It’s easy to get worked up, but it’s just as easy to calm down—especially when you make it a regular practice.

What Matters Most

You can brighten your life by making time for loved ones—they don’t always need much from you.

In Focus

Human connection promotes trust and well-being.

Paying attention to our loved ones and the world around us instead of our phones builds trust and promotes feelings of well-being.

Let’s spend less time on our devices.

Less screen time can lead to better academic performance, healthier weight, and better work-life balance. So let’s put down our devices and spend more time together.

Because less screen time can save face.

Not looking up from our devices can get us into trouble. Building a healthy habit of time off from your phone can be beneficial—and it could help you save face.